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Full Version: Game Section 4 X on Board
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I have installed the game section with MYBBoard 1.2.7. I have two problems:

a) I have activated and disactivated the plugin 4 times. Problem: Now the board shows 4 x (!) the link "games", if the plugin is activated.

b) I need a little icon for the "games" (next to calender, member list, ...).

Can anybody help ?
Just have a look at for instance google. Type "games" click on "Bilder" (I now you are German Smile) and "kleine Bilder". Or just look for "games icons"...
You cab remove them in your header, its because you deactivated and activated it 4 times.

You can use this image, too (it is included default in the Tango Blue theme):
[Image: games.gif]
I have seen the same problem in the User-CP. Can I remove the code there too ?
Yes, usercp_nav
Would it perhaps be better, to install everything new ?
It's only some templates Wink