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Full Version: Game trouble
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Hi i have finnally got the plugin working. i have posted this problem on mybb as well:

I have finnally got the games mod working. I can play pacman but when i try adding games, (simple way) i get this message:

One of the follow directories has no chmod 777:

I have chomd 777 with admin/games and games/images but cant do it to the arcade/gamedata.

Any ideas?

Is it when you add gamedata?
When i use the simple add game function, it asks for the php filr, swf and 2 images. i add all of those and then i get that error.

And is it possible to upload for example a attachment? So yes: is the chmod the same?
everything has been chmod apart from arcade/gamedata as it does not exsist. it did not come with the download. I can not upload anything to the games room and my members r bored of pacman Smile

Is it running on Windows (the server)?
Can you add an attachment with MyBB?
As far as i am aware it is linux hosting. I can add attachments to posts on the forum.

I just can not upload any games sadly.
admin/games wasn't there