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Full Version: adding game problem
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when i go to adding game (simple) and choose the files ive got this error :
MyBB Error
One of the follow directories has no chmod 777:

i had chmod these directories to 777, so please dont tell me do it Tongue
but i dont have some of them!!! (the "arcade/gamedata" and "admin/games" ).
should i create these directories ?
any ideas ?

note: the game section work normally with one game the pacman

never mind i creat those dir. and every thing works fine
but i have another problem now
i tried to add a new game (one with game data) so i choose yes for including game data , after the game added correctly it take me to the gamedata upload but the gamedata folder contain many files and subfolders ? should i upload it manually ?
Yes, creating a directory isn't possible at the moment Wink