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Full Version: PHP Error
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I got this error when submitting a score...

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/habbosky/public_html/global.php on line 18

what does it mean and how do I fix it.

EDIT: I am good with php and I can see that it is an error in teh global.php not one of the game section files.

Plus I noticed what the problem might be. When submitting a score the browser whent here...

does the game think its on on invision pro?
The Game Section is not based on IBPArcade, but written fully for MyBB.

Maybe you can reupload the files of the Game Section, when it stays, are you sure that the global.php is correctly?
global.php is the 1.2.8 version and until I uploaded some games yesterday I had no problems. Il try a few games from other sites. I also know a bit of action script 2.0 so I shall decompile the swf and see where the redirect is going to in teh fla file.
Upload this global.php

Are you sure your inc/init.php is correctly?