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Do you know of any good software where we can make our own games?
When designing games for the game section, I suppose your games must be written in Adobe Flash ( or Java (

If you want to make games and don't target the Internet, you can either choose a program that does all the work for you, or learn a programming language.
For Windows, I highly recommend Game Maker, by Mark Overmars. (
If you have time and want to develop your skills, you will have to learn a language like C++ or C#.
If you learn C++ (I recommend the book: "C++ Blackbook" by Steven Holzner), you can use a game programming library, for example DirectX (Microsoft) or SDL (open-source, Learning C++ is quite difficult and time-consuming, but very rewarding. Learning the language itself will probably take you more than one year.
C# (Microsoft) is a mix of C++ and Java and is much easier than C++, because it takes away a lot of the low-level coding. With C# you can't use DirectX anymore, you will need to use XNA, also from Microsoft. Many libraries have been ported to this language (including SDL).

No matter what you choose, the easy way or the hard way, remember that making a game (and more importantly, finishing it) is not an easy task. Start simple, learn the basics. Don't try to start with an MMORPG or a 3D FPS, these games are made by large teams funded with millions of dollars. Start with Tetris (simple graphics, ideal to use the basics), then Breakout (physics: the bouncing ball), then Pacman (Artificial Intelligence: the little ghosts don't follow a random path!), then a platformer (Mario, Rayman, etc.), which means you'll have to design levels.

Before you start, realize the following:
- You will have to design graphics yourself, and need the right tools to do so: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, The GIMP (free/open-source).
- You will need sounds and music: compose it yourself, or search the Internet.
- You will need to design your game: create levels, an environment/atmosphere, characters, etc. This is more difficult than you may think!
- You will need to program.
(Remember: never use copyrighted material! It is not only illegal, but not original as well.)
If you like designing a game: first make sure you have the ability to make games (Game Maker is here probably the best choice), and then realize your ideas.
If you like to program (the technical side of games): do not focus on design or graphics, clone existing games and try to be as innovative as possible (but never reinvent the wheel Wink)

And very important: DO NOT START WITH A 3D GAME, unless you have strong mathematical skills. First learn how to make 2D games, then learn how to turn them into 3D. 3D Modelling is also harder than drawing 2D images, and there are not many (free) 3D models available on the Internet.

My explanation is very long, and perhaps technical, but there are many sites (some good, some bad) on the Internet that will help you.
- For Game Maker:
- For Flash:
- For Java:
- For C#/C++: /
Thanks Smile