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Full Version: Oh dear . Game doesn't exist + You forgot something
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Oh man, i read the FAQ about this things and the related forum threads...
but isn't there any other way to fix this than to change the session path to some offline directory (i dont even know where to get that offline directory on my webspace :

So, without changing the settings, it doesn't work?

When you add a directory in your home directory, is that directory then available with the http-protocol?
i looked and it seems the session.save_path is fixed to "/tmp" .. which is a) NOT available online and b) not available for me to access in anyway :
Well, when your site is on a cluster, there are problems with sessions.

The problem is that the session files are saved in the /tmp directory. So when you get an other server of the cluster with the next request, you can't load the session anymore and you get that error.

When you can't add a directory offline, you must to add it online and rename it sometimes Wink

When you have SSH access (or other cronjobs possibility), I will make a script that renames the directory each day.
thanks for the offer, but that sounds like some weird fix, i don't think i want establish some securit risk on my webspace :
Well, the best thing is indead an offline dir.

Well, since 1.0.6, the Game Section uses PHP sessions to make it more secure.

A session is "something" with an unique code in a cookie and a file on the server with a name like that cookie. In that file, the vars of session are saved.

But, when your server is located on a cluster, the directory with the sessions is some cases not on the central server, but on the disc of that litle server in the cluster. That means that the file is located on the server, and not on the central server. So, when an other server handles the request for saving the score, the files can't be loaded.

So, by set it up in an other directory, it can be fixed. But on many providers, you don't have a possibility to make a offline directory. When it's online and your users find it, they can change the file with a simple PHP script. Let it renaming frequently can be a solution.

But you have a good idea: an own session-table with the same sid like the MyBB-session. This weekend, I will complement it in 1.2 and in 1.0.9 Wink
cool, that session table is surely fine..

(btw: i have looked in my cookie and the session name while a game is played is just "PHPSESSID", maybe it would be sufficient to give it a unique name? like gs_sid or something?)

(you know what also surprises me? i'm no great php coder, but i have written lots of own stuff,including an own user/sponsorsystem with all sorts of stuff that relies on simple sessions and i never got problems with that "phenomenon", although all these scripts are hosted on the very same webspace :
I tried that first, but it didn't work. (Bug in PHP?)
well, what a pity, those errors still appear in 1.1.9 :-((((

i have watched the content of the mybbsession and the gamesession content was "a:1:{s:13:"fastfoodibpag";s:2:"17";}"

but unfortunately the hiscores are still not properly submitted Sad
Can you give me that game?
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