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Full Version: Help adding games
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I'm using the add_game.php script to add games, but where do I upload the tar files to? Which directory?
In mybb 1.4 you should do this:

game.swf =--> forum root/Games
game1.gif =--> forum root/Games/ images
game2.gif =--> forum root/Games/ images
and the add_games =--> forum root it
I don't have the add_game.php, how do I add games?
Thanks, but I don't understand how to add games. I think I messed something up in the process because the images don't show (where do I add those) and the flash is a blank white screen.
swf: games
gif's: games/images
There's only one box for files,

name of files: |_____________|
Places to upload:
swf: games
gif's: games/images

Input for field "Name of files":
When your files are called like this:

You have to give game as input Wink
Doesn't seem to work. The game is, well, blank.
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