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Full Version: Installation Again ;D
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Ok, re-installed, this time some luck

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1146 - Table 'habbuzne_forum.mybb_mybb_games' doesn't exist
INSERT INTO mybb_mybb_games (`gid`,`cid`,`name`,`title`,`description`,`what`,`use_keys`,`bgcolor`,`active`,`width`,`height`,`dateline`,`score_type`) VALUES ('','0','pacman','Pacman','Eat all the little dots without letting the ghosts get you!','Eat all of the dots.','Arrow keys to move.','000000','yes','360','420','1224092920','DESC')

So i need too make a new table?

what fields do i need?
which version of mybb and Game section have been used?
I suppose you used Game Section 1.1.9 on MyBB 1.4. You have to use Game Section 1.10.0 on MyBB 1.4 Wink