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Well, I need some help. Of course. 8o

Anyways, I know where to put some of the files go but not all like I know where the file sin the inc folder go.

In the Readme.txt file I got it only said:




This is from the One.

So yeah, not really clear... :/
You just have to follow the structure given in the tar.gz Wink
I see.... SO you mean the same old things, ./inc/plugins goes the plugin stuff, etc.

But, I don't get where to put the arcade and games one.

And I'm guessing games.php goes in the root of MyBB?


Nvm, Got it to work, Thanks for your help.

Guess All I needed was to be able to send a folder instead of just afile at once Big Grin

Uhh... I'm guessing you've heard this lots of times... but.. how do I add games? O.o The version of MyBB is 1.4.2, I hav ethe add_game.php thing, but, I don't know where to add it or what to do with it. >_<

Help would be great ^^'
You have to put that file in the root Wink
Ok, the root of the MyBB directory right? Huh

Anyways, I've done that. What do i have to do now to add a game?.. o_o

I'm pretty much clueless on this xD
Just go to that file out of the browser Wink
Like use NotePad to open it? Because I don't know what to do with that 8(

Or go to it from my site by addin ./add_game.php?

8'( Why Do I have to be so clueless >_<
Like I say, go with your browser to that page, for example
Yay, thanks I got it working now. Big Grin

Since the first one I did was a test, and didn't come out with the right width and length, how do I delete it? ^^' and what are supposed to be like the regular width and length? O.o


Nevermind, figured out how to delete games. Big Grin All I need to figure out are the right measurements >8o Oh well, trial and error will have to help me on that one Big Grin

Nvm again... remembered I don't have phpmyadmin 8( Anyway I can delete a game without it? (Using Direct Admin instead of cpanel because they didn't provide e with one 8( )
I suppose you have access to PHPMyAdmin using your control panel. Otherwise, you can download it Wink

You can find the width and height of a game in the PHP-file Wink
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