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Full Version: struggling with mybb 1.4.3
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Snoop1990 Wrote:Sometimes I get the "You forgot something !" Error message when I played a game and try to submit a high-score (http://<my forum root>/index.php?autocom=arcade&do=savescore). This error message is part of the games.lang.php ($l['noinput'] = "You forgot something!"Wink so it seems like there is no data submitted. But while playing BMW test driving I got the error one time (I though my score was about 10000 as I did not complete the first level) and then I played again, reached 20000 and all worked fine. So I basically have no idea what is causing this error.

I am running mybb 1.4.3 with gamesection 10.0 !

Be sure you reload the page each time you start a game, not just adding the score and going back to the previous page Wink