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New website - Paretje - 16-02-2013

Today, I'm pleased to announce that the Game Section's got a new website. Hopefully, it will be the start for a new beginning of the Game Section. The website is a Trac website, so everybody can browse now easily the SVN repo, and we've got a bug-tracker now. This way, the support should be more separated from development, and it makes things easier to oversee for us.

When you visit an old link of the old MediaWiki site, you'll get page with more information where you can find the old page, and if and where you find it on the new wiki. This is done to make things more easier for people clicking on an old link. The old wiki will probably be purged later on this year.

And this is already the second software-change this week, as the board has been finally upgraded to MyBB 1.6.9 on Monday.

RE: New website - Ted S - 17-02-2013

It looks great, thanks Paretje.

RE: New website - PinoyFused - 10-03-2013

I like the road map menu, it looks like a blog on updates about the gamesection.