Last Game Section version: 1.3.1

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Game Section 1.2.1
File changes
Changed files:

Changes since 1.2 FINAL:
- Compatibility with MySQL 5.5 (Bug)

New Game Section install:
.gz   games1.2.1.tar.gz (Size: 140,36 KB / Downloads: 3.411)
Upgrade from 1.2:
.gz   games1.2.1_1.2.tar.gz (Size: 18 KB / Downloads: 1.149)

Game Section 1.3/1.4
In a couple of months I should start with the development of the next version of the Game Section, which was already discussed before I left. I should start/restart the development at the end of the year.

Friday, August 12, I cleared the members of the Beta Testers Team. But everyone can be candidate for this position again. As a Beta Tester, you should have a good curiosity, availability of a test board, you should be able to explain what you did to find the bug, you should feel good with a CIA-style investigation Tongue. Knowledge of PHP and MySQL is not needed, but could be handy sometimes.

It's possible I'll grant others access to download the files as well, but they should find everything by themselves, and no Support will be granted, bug reports will be the maximum. This action is to make possible for people only being curious about how it looks like, but don't want to have the responsibility of a Beta Tester to be able to just look.
Online - Urbanus
Zip file (includes the 2 versions!):
.zip (Size: 188,46 KB / Downloads: 466)
Online - Urbanus
For update just Rewrite the file?
It's only an update for a MySQL 5.5 Problem (see this post). If you are not faced with this problem you don't need to update the plugin.
No support via PM

Oh man I love Paretje for this plugin... It's really awesome. I hope to see updates coming soon
Please don't ever stop developing ths plugin.
Does it fully working with MyBB 1.6.8?
Yes, it does.
No support via PM

(26-08-2012, 19:01)Jockl Wrote: Yes, it does.
Dieses Plugin ist nicht kompatibel mit MyBB 1.6.8
Danke, erledigt, funktioniert Big Grinodgy:

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