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who's online
hi friends.

I want to ask how to make it.

I want users online only shown as many as 30 people if it passes it will be said to see link "more......"

please help.
Are you asking for the game section site or the index-page of MyBB?

What should happen after pressing "moore..."? Open the list of online-users in a new Window?
No support via PM

yoi guest.

I want to show who's online index page of MyBB and games section is only 30 user online. remainder will be given more link.
What do you mean with "yoi guest." Blush

Are you familiar with PHP and Javascript? You might be able to adapt the code in the index.php and create a kind of spoiler for showing all users....

Unfortunately, I will not be able to have a look into this for quite a while.
No support via PM

yoi guest = "justright man" Big Grin

if more than 30 users are online then there will be a link read more.
if not constrained I see it very annoying friends.
too long and spent the memory of the computer.

like this.


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