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Score problem ONLY in games that take long
Hello, dear Game Section team,

I just used the search function with "Score problem" and "game not found", but so far I haven't found anything about my special problem.

So, I am using the newest Game section plugin with MyBB 1.6.10, German version. Mostly it works wonderfully fine and I want to thank you for such a fun plugin.

But there is a problem everytime users play a game for a long time (like some Bubble shooter that takes 30 min). Sometimes it then happens that when submitting a score they get the error message "Game doesn't exist".

I figure this must be some logout or cookie problem? Every score submission on every game works fine, just when a user plays a game for a longer time - maybe even going away from keyboard for some minutes, too - then the score submission is broken.

Any fixes or recommendations for this? Or could the problem be something else? Do I have to tell my users to please not take breaks during gaming? Big Grin

My first recommendation would be to update your board, as for your special problem I never seen this issue, I think theres a setting in acp for setting time limit or somthing for members online, not sure though I look later though.


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