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Game Section 1.3
Changes since 1.2.4:
- MyBB 1.8.x compatible
- Reset scores per game, per user or all from ACP
- Send mail or pm to beaten champions

New Game Section install:
.gz   games1.3.tar.gz (Size: 92,53 KB / Downloads: 2.125)
Upgrade from 1.2.4:
.gz   games1.3_1.2.4.tar.gz (Size: 92,81 KB / Downloads: 939)

Online - Urbanus
Excellent, thank you Paretje. Smile

German translations added, thanks to Jockl.
Online - Urbanus
Italian translation added, thanks to Ted S.
Online - Urbanus
Editing any of your game section setting(s) in UserCP makes a SQL error, Ive reproduced it here too.

SQL Error:1054 - Unknown column 'games_champnotify_pm' in 'field list'Query: UPDATE mybb_users SET `games_maxgames`=0, `games_maxscores`=0, `games_sortby`='', `games_order`='', `games_theme`=4, `games_tournamentnotify`=0, `games_champnotify_pm`=0, `games_champnotify_email`=0 WHERE uid='1'

Can not reproduce this error on my own installation. Did you upgrade to the plugin (incl. upgrade-script) or did you do a fresh installation?

I am able to reproduce this here in the User CP as well.
I guess the upgrade.php script is missing the update of database changes due to the email and pm notification at beaten highscore.

without giving any warranty... Wink
you might run the attached upgrade-script as long as Paretje have not updated it.

Attached Files
.php   upgrade_jockl.php (Size: 2,04 KB / Downloads: 252)
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Confirmed this worked with no issues Smile

Thank you Smile
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Updated version of deutsch_sie language package in post #1.

There was an error in inc/languages/deutsch_sie/games.lang.php

Please replace this file. There is no need of uninstall or deactivate the plugin.
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