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Changing /images path in SQL please help
Hello, I was hoping to get some help with where on earth it stores the path to the images.

Here's my problem.

Been using game section fine for the last 4 months, had about 120 games on my forum, all working fine.
Then suddenly got a problem with cannot install new game as /images is not chmod 777

Problem is the images folder on the ftp is locked out, get access denied when trying to even double click the folder icon in my ftp client.
The error comes back on their end, something to do with their config on line 333. They can't even delete/move/edit access the images folder.

So my only other option is to edit the sql to point to images2.

The only images location i cannot seem to change and find is in the following location.

In the AdminCP you click on Game Section tab.
This page lists on the left, all the games 1 - 120 down the page with an icon showing each of the games.

This is the page i want the icons being displayed from images2 instead of images.
But there's at least 9 locations in the SQL, i've done a SQL search for /images and changed everything from /images to /images2

but when i click back on the admincp / game section tab, it lists all the games 1-120 but when i view where the images are coming from.
their still being loaded from /images instead of /images2

is there some other location i'm missing? These are the locations i've found.


<a href="games.php?action=play&amp;gid={$games['gid']}"><img src="./games/images2/{$games['name']}1.gif" alt="" /></a>

<td class="{$bgcolor}" align="center">
<img src="./games2/{$theme_games['directory']}/champ.png" alt="" /><br />

<td class="trow1" align="center">
<img src="./games/images2/{$game['name']}1.gif" alt="" />

All the other location edits from images to images2 works. The only page that isn't changing from images to images2 is the main list of games in the tab game section in the admincp.
Was hoping someone would of replied with some help Sad there's no way i can add any more games until this is sorted out.
Im on mobile so I will check later on, did you try change permission on the folder in ftp?

hello Ted, not meaning to be rude, the whole problem is because i cannot delete games/images on the FTP. It's stuck on chmod 07 so i have to name another folder to something else.
like images2 then put all the 50x50 images in there. The host can't even delete the folder it's somehow got locked it's there, but their system says it's not.
I would really suggest to solve the FTP-problem. Contact your provider or check the settings of the FTp-client on your server.
Changing the images-folder in the plugin code is more difficult as you assume.
No support via PM

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