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where to download games and install them via windows?
Excuse me, i really tried hard to get this done alone or better said by reading the posts..

Where are the tar-files of the games?

i downloaded the gamesection which was in a tar-file.. arent there already games in it and i did sth wrong?

i've heard that on windows it s important the.tar-files start wirth games_

i tried it but i dont understand what i am doing with the original tar-file (plugin game Section)..
i put that on my webspace and activated the plugin. it was easy. and now??

please help..
The Gamesection only comes with one game (packman). You now have to install your games manually through your Admincp, Assuming you installed gamesection properly.
You can find games

On a side note: Game Section doesn't come with Pacman! There are no default games included.
No support via PM

Must of changed then, it used to have pacman as default game.

As far as I remember it occured with Plugin release 1.3
No support via PM

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