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Games for new arcade
So it doesn't look like there have been many people posting. 1 in 2019 and here we are in 2020. I am trying to figure out where to download games from THIS site. I see the games section and the playable arcade, but I guess I am confused as to whether or not the games can be downloaded from here. I am not sure how to do that if they are.

The threads linking to other locations for games downloads are outdated and most do not work. One link that does work for me I am still waiting for "approval" but it doesn't seem there has been any new activities on there either lately.

Hoping this finds someone still active who can help! I just installed myBB and the arcade plugin, but honestly, there is no guide on how to 'download' games which is making it difficult. Sad

Thanks for the help!
The sticky thread in this forum still provides the known options where to download games and they work.
However, downloading games on this site seems to be deactivated by the admin. Didn't know about this and will try to send him a message.....

By the way: this site is about the Game Section plugin for MyBB. Arcade is a different plugin which we do not support in this forum although it is very similar....
No support via PM

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