Last Game Section version: 1.3.1

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Following version: Game Section 1.2
The most of you knows already that there will come a new version of the Game Section. A new version with many new functions and the code is fully revised and/or rewritten.

Some of the new functions for 1.2:
- Tournaments
- Support for many game systems
- Less queries for the user statistics
- Most played games
- Players with most champions
- Advanced version of the last new champions
- Favourites
- Last played
- Advanced who's online
- Category picture
- Number of games in category
- New settings system

When this version will be released: I don't know.

Do you want to test this new version? Become a Beta tester! When you want that say it to me.
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it sounds well

good works

I want to prove it

It is going to be best, for when it is?
It can be compatible with some system of points?

Thanks to have created this plugin and excuse my English.
Count me in. I'll set up a test site too.
You are added Wink
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I would like to test it, too.
The game section is a great plugin. I'm looking forward to the tournaments.


Your are added
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If you still need any help I'm up Smile. I would love to help, I'll even provide a testing server if you need one, I love how the gamesection has come so far and want to contribute to it's future.

Continue the great work!
You are a Beta Tester, now Wink
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If being the Beta Tester is to do the testing from this site, I'm happy to be one of the testers. I don't have site to set for testing purpose currently

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