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Introduce yourself
I started more then a year ago a thread like that in Dutch, Stel je voor, but I wanted to do something like that in English, too.

I start:
I'm Kevin
I'm 14 and live in a beautifull Belgium city: Veurne (French: Furnes)
I study next year "Economie Wetenschappen" (translated: Economic Sciences), 3th year.
I have this site and made the Game Section.
I'm a fan of Urbanus (Belgian comedian, actor, singer and book hero)
Online - Urbanus
Hi I am swap, just installed games1.1.6 on my forum

Games section is great and I will try to install more games on my site.
I am Mohamed from Egypt - Cairo and I am running an IT website, and you can reach my board easily with this link:
Not done yet but most of it done, and will install games as soon as possible!
Hello, I'm Genius_41. I live in England, and I just downloaded the games section for my site. Great plugin, cheers!
Hello everybody! Big Grin

I'm EviL, from Colombia.

I'm glad I could find this site. I think this "Game Section" will bring more life to my "MyBB" forum, wich you can find at:

Greets! Smile
Hello everybody!

I'm swap, from India.

I'm glad I could find this site. I ahve added teh game section to my forum you can have a look at it here
yohoo ^^
google for "TStarGermany" ;-)
32,germany,everything else i keep as secret as i can hehe....

i came along the plugin for mybb, so the game section is wonderful and will be used on (forum)
i still ask myself how i can implement appropriate icons for the game section plugin (forum frontpage header etc)..
Well. My name is Gerhard and I live in Germany. I
I'm p0wd3r, from Utah, USA. I run LAN parties and I'm a network engineer by trade.

You can find my forums at...

We will soon be adding the game section mod. Thanks for your hard work!
My name is Claudio, I

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