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1st birthday
Here, you discuss about the 1st birthday of the Game Section.

This is the mail I sent to each user of this board:
Mail to all the users Wrote:Dear member,

On 23 October 2006, I released the first beta version of the Game Section on the MyBB Communtiy Forums!

For this first birthday of the Game Section, there must to be something special: every member of the Online - Urbanus Forum can download on 20 and 21 October each day 50 games! And there is more: for this event I will have at least 500 games on the boards.

After this days, the download system would be unavailable, because there isn't enough traffic available to do that. So we must to find an solution. In the next weeks, there would come a solution announced on the board.

The Game Section Development Group
Online - Urbanus
Happy Birthday!
and thanks!
too bad it's on the weekend though Sad
I thought to do it on the weekend, the most persons has then much free time, but to download the games, you don't need much time Wink
Online - Urbanus
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

I hope for ever

The download system is activated!
Online - Urbanus
There are now 50 games available!
Online - Urbanus
Happy Birthday!!!! I am too late, sorry. Big Grin
No problem, and in case, it's tomorrow Tongue
Online - Urbanus
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
On next Monday my baby has a first Birth day. So wish my baby and tell me how would i celebrate her birthday?
Thanks for your suggestion in advanced.
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