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[GS 1.2] Score Reset
With this plugin, you add the ability to reset the scores of a game with a single click your AdminCP. Since 1.1, you can delete all scores of your Game Section, and, eventually, you can reset the times played.

.gz   games_scorereset1.2.tar.gz (Size: 2,44 KB / Downloads: 588)


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.gz   scorereset1.1.tar.gz (Size: 2,28 KB / Downloads: 407)
Online - Urbanus
1.1 is released
This new version contains the follow changes, asked by the German users:
- Ability to delete the scores of ALL games
- Ability to reset the times played, too
Online - Urbanus
is it posseble to get a older release to ??

so i can reset the games on global (all games ) and that i can reset the games serperated from each other (competitions Smile , to make it back fair )

becouse whit the full reset then i aim nothing whit it becouse i just need it from a few games :S

Greets From The crasher
But, the functionality to delete it just of a single games still exists, it's just a new feature to delete all of them Wink
Online - Urbanus
if i go to my menu to see the games , then i just see 1 big button that says reset score

for the rest i dont see a button like in the screenshot and i dont know how i can reset then a single game :S

thats why i asked for the earlyer release (becouse i saw the screenshot ^^ )

its for mybb 1.2

Greets From The Crasher
Then you didn't do the filechanges Wink
Online - Urbanus
filechanges ?? :S

i was thinking that it was to use when the version was below 1.2

Thanks Smile

i will do the file changes now Smile

Greets From The Crasher
the reset_scores plugin didn´t run under GS 1.2 RC3???.
No, it only runs with 1.1. I'll mark all updated plugins with [1.2] so it's clear Wink
Online - Urbanus
Just wondering is this going ot be updated?

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