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Trophy in Postbit
Hey ist it possible to show the owner of a game highscore in the postbit, with a little trophy icon for each game ? This would be perfect ?!
Well, it's possible to make a plugin about that, but remember that that has to be limited, since you can easily have 350 scores. Champions would be better, but even then it has to be limited.
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I need the same..
if is possible.. will be excellent
UP, can you make this mod pls?
OK, but which icon do you prefer?


Or star:
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star is better than medal *_*
I think I'll add it after the username, the medal and when you go with your mouse over it, you'll see the number of championships of the user. OK?
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Uhm if you declare number of championships, it's also possible to add a trophy for each championship? and can the title be "Game Name Champion"?
I don't think that's a good idea: that would mean dolle mina would have 150 stars!
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Uhm you can make it using <marquee> code, uhmm idk, but first idea (star with title) is good 2 but can you put "Champion of {$numberchamp} games" on title?

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