Last Game Section version: 1.3.1

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Game Section 1.2 RC2
File changes
Changed files:

Added files:

Deleted files:

Replaced files:
inc/languages/english/games_tournaments.lang.php to inc/languages/english/tournaments.lang.php
inc/tar/pclerror.lib.php to inc/3rdparty/tar/pclerror.lib.php
inc/tar/pcltar.lib.php to inc/3rdparty/tar/pcltar.lib.php
inc/tar/pcltrace.lib.php to inc/3rdparty/tar/pcltrace.lib.php

Changes since 1.2 RC1:
- MyBB Who's online bug fixed
- ACP: Version Control system bug fixed
- ACP: Recount champions when score_type is changed
- Bug with settings is fixed
- Possibility to select the wanted category using Add Game (Tar)
- Credits page updated
- games_tournaments.lang.php is renamed to tournaments.lang.php
- tar library replaced from inc/tar to inc/3rdparty/tar
- Theme setting bug fixed
- active fields updated from yes-no to 1-0
- Language variables fixed
- Spinning added when refreshing Random game
- Spinning added when search game to create a tournament
- Rate system updated to the new AJAX system
- Repair and Recount Ratings tool updated
- System for multiple queries is deleted
- Fixed bug with editing a game
- Categories and default page is purged
- Random games can now handle categories from the refresh function, too
- Fixed bug cat specific stats
- Updated Who's online system of the Game Section for compatibility with the spiders database

NOTE: I forgot to include arcade.php in RC1. arcade.php is needed to add a vBulletin v3 game score.
It's included in RC2, now.

Changes since 1.1.9:
- Overviewed/rewritten code
- Tournaments UNFINISHED
- Support for many game systems
- Less queries for the user statistics
- Most played games (in stats)
- Players with most champions (in stats)
- Advanced version of the last new champions (Option in menu) - all champions changes (with cache)
- Favourites
- Last played
- Advanced who's online
- Category picture
- Number of games in category
- New system to show the categories
- New settings system
- Search system in ACP
- Control games (warning when adding the same game)
- Choise between 1 large query and 3 less queries
- Category in games overview (AdminCP)
- Added date in games overview (AdminCP)
- Searchbar on the page with your search results
- Compatibility with edit, merge and delete of users
- Possibility to view statistics of the category
- Random games with refresh button (AJAX)
- Compatible with MySQL strict
- Updated rate system
- Compatibility of Who's online system with bots database

New Game Section install:
.gz   games1.2RC2.tar.gz (Size: 133,61 KB / Downloads: 487)
Upgrade from 1.2 RC1:
.gz   games1.2RC2_1.2RC1.tar.gz (Size: 77,41 KB / Downloads: 459)
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Translations for this version:
Currently, there aren't translations yet.

I can say for now that there won't be a Dutch translation for this RC, because I don't have the time to do. I'll translate it AFTER I finished the final version.
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Zip file (includes the 2 versions!):
.zip (Size: 264,1 KB / Downloads: 317)
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nice to see the new release,thx.
ok , i got a Question
is this still compitable whit mybb 1.2 ??

because i installed it and i am missing 3/4 of the mod :S (and doesnt have permision to see the gamesection :S)

Thank you

Greets From The Crasher
I'm not shure but I think gamesection 1.2x is only for mybb 1.4x

Look here.

Greets, lenkradschloss
i founded it in the plugins when i looked at it (plugin/games.php , "compatibility" => "14*") , it says only mybb 1.4 (coding is differend to )

is it posseble to make a small release of it for mybb 1.2 ??

because i stay whit mybb 1.2 for 1 simple reason , for my 50 plugins i use on my forum Smile

Thank you

Greets From The Crasher
@Crasher take a look here
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