Last Game Section version: 1.3.1

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Game Section 1.2 RC2.1
Download the upgrade packages of RC2 and RC1 and you'll find them Wink
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Every time I uninstall or deactivate the game section, all the games dissapear. But all the games are still on my server, in the correct folders.

How do I quickly set all the games up again?

Also, I still can't work out to upgrade the game section. Sorry Tongue

Oh, and one more thing, what is the quickest way to upload games onto the gamesection?


Yes, they disappear in the database, so you have to add them again. The quickest way to do that is using the Add Game (Tar) functionality.

Just upgrade from RC1 to RC2 to RC2.1 following the instructions of each version.
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In my Admin Cp there isn't the panel of the Game Section! why?

I have 1.4.4 mybb
Did you upload all the language files in the inc/languages ???

If you use another translation (e.g. german) you also have to copy the files in "deutsch_du" or "deutsch_sie".
Translations aren't ready yet.
Without the files in your used language it will not work.

Greets lenkradschloss
Yes I have copy all languages in folder "italiano" but there isn't any option for the game section!!!

It's compatibile with mybb 1.4? Why don't works on my mybb?
1. Did you correctly uploaded all files
2. Did you activate the plugin
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Ok i just installed the version but when i try to play a game nothing will show at the top

it shows nothing at statics tab
Can you give maybe a bit more information? Giving the URL to your site would be a great source of information, at least when you aren't talking about the ACP.
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