Last Game Section version: 1.3.1

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Game Section 1.2 RC2.1
Is your Game Section active? Wink

ACP => Game Section => Settings => General Options

"Game section closed" should be "NO".

Maybe you should save the settings again.

Greets, lenkradschloss
still doesnt work
I had the same problem. I uploaded the new full install of "Games 1.2RC2.1" and it works fine now.Big Grin

I had to manually delete all associated game section files & folders, after uninstalling in Admin CP, as most files are not removed when the game section is uninstalled.

Obviously, all games and scores are lost and you have to re-add the games using the "Add Game (Tar)" option.

Thanks for creating this plug-in, Paretje. I'm anxiously awaiting the 'final' release. BTW, is the tournament option still a work in progress?
Yes, it's still in progress. Today and tomorrow I'll finish my list of changes to release RC3 Wink
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Your saying i must clear my arcade and then redo the install ?!?!?!?!
(31-01-2009, 20:45)AN Adam Wrote: Your saying i must clear my arcade and then redo the install ?!?!?!?!

As I saw on your attachment I still think you did not copy all the language files.

I had the same problem, my default language is Dutch, so I copied the default English language files also to the dutch directories.

Be sure you do this for the backend as well as the Frontend.

If that would not work for you, just check if the files (to be overwrite) are writable. If not, than you know what to do.
i think i uploaded my English file right Tongue *Checks*
It seems it was my lang files thay where in but damaged i think heres my problem

When i downloaded the upgrades my computer is a *** and blocks some content it must have blocked parts of the scripts.
my forum is mybb 1.4.4 as
I added all files and upgrades as carefully..
But I seen a problem..
"There are no games"

what is this problem??
you can see here :
as i wrote somewere before: edit each game an save without changes
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And check that "active game" is set to "yes".

Greets lenkradschloss

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