Last Game Section version: 1.3.1

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Game Section 1.2 RC3
Well, scores and games are always kept Wink
But, I frequently purge all templates and settings during an upgrade, because I'm not always sure what templates are changed, but this time I've written it down Wink
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I can't wait for the tournament feature.
That will be great Paretje. Waiting for your new release of Game Section...Big Grin - Free Online Game Forum, Play, Post and Enjoy!
hello everyone, I am having a problem with this pack ( I think ). I cannot see the game/arcade section on the forums main page on my site. I just installed MyBB and then installed this game mod games1.2RC3. the install went ok but I still cant figure how to see it on the forums main page. Also I cant find the game packs here for download. I tried a search but perhaps my query isnt the right keywords
<li><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/games.php"><b>{$lang->gamesection}</b></a></li>
to your header templates
you will find a lot of games here
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One other Question is there any ACP control unit in this version? If there isn't why is there admin language pack?
I'm trying to translate this version to Farsi and I need to know if I have to translate admin files?!
I had already translate the games.lang.php & tournaments.lang.php
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there are some langfiles in the inc/languages/english/admin dir the start with games_
Previously known as snAke_Plissken

LINUX is like a Wigwam: No Windows, no Gates and an Apache inside.

We any closer to the tornament being up? Man i am hanging to see that released. As are my members.
Off course there is a admin part Wink

And the question for the tournaments: I'll try to release RC3.1 as soon as possible. That means the first parts of the tournament system will get their figures.
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Great to hear Paretje
Cant wait mate. Such a strong arcade system. I love it. Tornament would just finish it off as a complete gaming system.
Well for my needs anyhow.

Thanks again for the work you put in mate.

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