Last Game Section version: 1.3.1

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Game Section 1.2 RC3.1
File changes
Changed files:

MySQL changes:
- mybb_games_tournaments_players added
- players field deleted from mybb_games_tournaments

Changes since 1.2 RC3:
- Template fix of games_scores
- Language file fix
- Add Game (Simple) gamedata fix
- Template fix of games for compatibility with IE6
- Fix of problem to add a score using IE
- User search system updated so the used search options can be reused
- ACP search system got a function to display only active or inactive games
- Show if game is active or not in ACP overview
- Fix of edit category link on the games overview
- Language fix of tools
- Tool added to repair the tournament statistics
- mybb_games_tournaments_players table added
- score_try field added to the mybb_games_tournaments_players table
- players field deleted from mybb_games_tournaments
- View system of open tournaments updated
- Started tournaments updated to new tournaments_players table
- View system of started tournaments finished
- View system of finished tournaments finished
- New image updated to famfamfam new icon
- Champion image updated to famfamfam award gold icon
- User merge system fixed
- Profile link in search system fixed

Comments on 1.2 RC3.1:
I release RC3.1 as promised, before the exams. This means the tournament join system isn't made jet. This will be introduced in 1.2RC3.2.

Further: When you upgraded, the added tournaments will be deleted, but that shouldn't be a problem, since they weren't usable jet.

Changes since 1.1.9:
- Overviewed/rewritten code
- Tournaments UNFINISHED
- Support for many game systems
- Less queries for the user statistics
- Most played games (in stats)
- Players with most champions (in stats)
- Advanced version of the last new champions (Option in menu) - all champions changes (with cache)
- Favourites
- Last played
- Advanced who's online
- Category picture
- Number of games in category
- New system to show the categories
- New settings system
- Search system in ACP
- Control games (warning when adding the same game)
- Choise between 1 large query and 3 less queries
- Category in games overview (AdminCP)
- Added date in games overview (AdminCP)
- Searchbar on the page with your search results
- Compatibility with edit, merge and delete of users
- Possibility to view statistics of the category
- Random games with refresh button (AJAX)
- Compatible with MySQL strict
- Updated rate system
- Compatibility of Who's online system with bots database

New Game Section install:
.gz   games1.2RC3.1.tar.gz (Size: 139,14 KB / Downloads: 509)
Upgrade from 1.2 RC3:
.gz   games1.2RC3.1_1.2RC3.tar.gz (Size: 47,49 KB / Downloads: 409)
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Translations for this version:
Currently, there aren't translations yet.
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Zip file (includes the 2 versions!):
.zip (Size: 221,63 KB / Downloads: 280)

Patch file:
.patch   patch.patch (Size: 54,04 KB / Downloads: 278)
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So to update, we just use the patch file?
Are the tournaments functional now?
Well, yes, that's one of the two options: upload the changed files and run the upgrade.php file, or patch the files using the patch file and the patch program, and run the upgrade.php file.
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I discovered an installation problem in the plugin, I'll fix it and reupload the package Wink
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If you downloaded RC3.1 before 16:09 GMT+1, please redownload the plugin!
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Testing the new Upgrade.

OK, If I run the Upgrade script it says: Your Game Section version is succesfully upgraded!

So, Its Ok Now? Or I have to do something more?
No, upload the changed files, or to the patch, and then you have to run the upgrade.php file. This resets the tournament tables, and the templates.

The reason for the tournament tables is the fact I don't think it's needed to make a complex system to replace everything from mybb_tournaments to mybb_tournaments_players, since it isn't working yet.
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Yes, I have uploaded all the files and rewrite all the old files and I run the upgrade.php


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