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Game Section 1.2 RC3.2
(04-01-2010, 01:01)Rafael Wrote: Have an error when try to run the upgrade.php and I have all the files uploaded.

this is what I have:
Quote:MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.
SQL Error:
1050 - Table 'TABLE_PREFIX_games_tournaments_players' already exists
CREATE TABLE `TABLE_PREFIX_games_tournaments_players` ( `pid` INT(15) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `tid` INT(10) NOT NULL, `rid` INT(1) NOT NULL, `uid` INT(10) NOT NULL, `username` VARCHAR(120) NOT NULL, `score` FLOAT NOT NULL, `score_try` INT(2) NOT NULL, `tries` INT(2) NOT NULL, `dateline` BIGINT(30) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`pid`), KEY `tid` (`tid`), KEY `rid` (`rid`), KEY `uid` (`uid`) ) TYPE=MyISAM CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

I think you are using an older upgrade.php, not the upgrade.php file of this version, since this upgrade file only changes the templates.
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I will download again the file.

Thanks Smile

Edit: Yes, thats the problem, thanks for help paretje Wink
How many file will be changing in the future? I like finishing the languages translate.Smile
Well, there will be some changes, especially to tournaments.lang.php. For example in RC4. But, I'll release a patch for the language files, so you can see which variables are added, and where Wink
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I understand.Smile
I finished with hungary languages pack for RC3.2.Big GrinCool

When can we downloading Game section with full tournament. (About for time.)
This is big work?
Quote:6. Score submit system
7. Make task section: started round -> next started round
8. Make task section: started -> finished
9. Tournaments stats section (litle box) in Users Stats
Depends on what to do for school, but January isn't unthinkable Wink
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(03-01-2010, 11:16)Paretje Wrote: Well, with that file, you can just change your files, instead of replacing them. So it's usefull when you change your files. But, you still have to run the upgrade.php file off course.
Where is the upgrade.php file to run?
You can find the upgrade.php-File in this Attachment for "Upgrade from 1.2 RC3.1.1". You have to put the upgrade.php to your root-folder of the forum and run it.
No support via PM

Hello Paretje! Smile

I did a successful upgrade to my Game Section...well...almost. ^^

I get this error message when loading the Game Section...

"MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1146 - Table 'rufxweb1_rufxforum1.mybb_games_tournaments_players' doesn't exist
SELECT DISTINCT t.tid, t.gid, g.title, FROM mybb_games_tournaments_players p LEFT JOIN mybb_games_tournaments t ON (p.tid=t.tid) LEFT JOIN mybb_games g ON (t.gid=g.gid) WHERE p.uid='1' AND t.status='started' AND'1' ORDER BY t.dateline DESC"

I ran the upgrade script, but not the patch.patch script, can't understand it... >.<'

Should I do a reinstall of Game Section, cuz I am stumped atm... Sad

P.S. It appears the Windows detection plugin on the board detected my OS as 9X/NT/2k...I am actually using Server 2008 R2 btw. ^^

Edit: It appears that I "skipped" a build on upgrading, and I redid the upgrade script! My greatest apologies! Sad Pass right through this post, all problems solved:

Link: <-- Unreal & Unreal Tournament clan website - tit has the new GameSection isntalled Wink

Again, my greatest apologies abhout this... :$ Sad
No problem Wink
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