Last Game Section version: 1.3.1

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Game Section 1.2 RC5
File changes
Changed files:

Changes since 1.2 RC4:
- Language fix of page navigation ACP
- Round->round system
- Started->dinished system
- Round->round fixes
- Infobox fixes
- Multipages user stats
- Best Players Ranking added to statistics
- Tournament statistics added

Changes since 1.1.x:
- Overviewed/rewritten code
- Tournaments
- Support for many game systems
- Less queries for the user statistics
- Most played games (in stats)
- Players with most champions (in stats)
- Advanced version of the last new champions (Option in menu) - all champions changes (with cache)
- Favourites
- Last played
- Advanced who's online
- Category picture
- Number of games in category
- New system to show the categories
- New settings system
- Search system in ACP
- Control games (warning when adding the same game)
- Choise between 1 large query and 3 less queries
- Category in games overview (AdminCP)
- Added date in games overview (AdminCP)
- Searchbar on the page with your search results
- Compatibility with edit, merge and delete of users
- Possibility to view statistics of the category
- Random games with refresh button (AJAX)
- Compatible with MySQL strict
- Updated rate system
- Compatibility of Who's online system with bots database

New Game Section install:
.gz   games1.2RC5.tar.gz (Size: 140,63 KB / Downloads: 407)
Upgrade from 1.2 RC4:
.gz   games1.2RC5_1.2RC4.tar.gz (Size: 47,71 KB / Downloads: 340)

It seems like the upgrade file of RC3.2 to RC4 was incomplete. So, if you installed the Game Section before RC4, you should run this file:
.php   upgrade.php (Size: 2,03 KB / Downloads: 692)
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Translations for this version:
Currently, there aren't official translations yet.
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Zip file (includes the 2 versions!):
.zip (Size: 231,72 KB / Downloads: 293)
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MyBB 1.6 Version
This Game Section works perfectly in MyBB 1.6. You only have to do this change:
Open inc/plugins/games.php and find:
PHP Code:
        "compatibility" => "14*" 

Replace with:
PHP Code:
        "compatibility" => "16*" 
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Release Comments:
I'm happy to release RC5 of Game Section 1.2. The tournament system is finished now, and this means the final version could be released soon, after a far too long development (regarding the first RC was released at the end of 2008).

Now, the Tournaments are finished, but his means there could be some bugs in the new code. That's why I hope as much as possible people will let their users test the new system. Especially the round->round system could contain some bugs.

Anyway, I hope you'll have much fun with the most asked feature of the Game Section: the Tournaments!
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How do you play in a tournament?
I created three tournaments with enough members for each one. On the tournament screen, it still shows there are no tournaments that I have joined. Even though it is showing no empty spots left.

Also, it shows that all three tournaments have been created, but none are "started".
How exactly do you "start" one?

Congratulations, Paretje and thank you so much for this great plugin, now including also tournaments!!!!

Big Grin
No support via PM

There is a task that runs each hours and so starts tournaments and rounds, and stops them.
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(16-02-2010, 21:33)Paretje Wrote: There is a task that runs each hours and so starts tournaments and rounds, and stops them.

There's no task showing in the acp
Hmmm. I forgot this in de the upgrade file of RC4... I'll make one now Wink
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