Last Game Section version: 1.3.1

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Game Section 1.2 FINAL
ok... Where does the arcade folder go.
(24-04-2010, 10:55)Jockl Wrote:

Additionally upload the included files of the shown folders (also the folders below) accordingly to your forum webspace.
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so it goes to my root folder?

Sorry, I've never installed a arcade. Undecided
(25-04-2010, 21:23)Par7 Wrote: so it goes to my root folder?

yes Wink
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And I'm guessing that's the same for the games folder to?
you are right
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It dosen't work. Sad I get a message saying: The Game Section Settings doesn't exist.
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Sorry but I dont know what to do. Sad
(11-01-2010, 23:19)Paretje Wrote: Have you correctly activated the plugin? Did you upload the games/settings.php file correctly?
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